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Hi Action Girl,
At 74 Kg. the 145 liter board is going to be too big for windspeeds > 15 or 16 knots.
I'd suggest the 121 liter board.
That's plenty big enough for you to uphaul, and still small enough for you to do most of the things you seem to want to do.
My guess is that you will soon want a smaller board with the amount of wind suggested.
Probably a 7.0 ish meter sail and a 5.5 m2 sail would make a good 2 sail quiver.
The 7.0 will work in 12 knots on a 121 liter board for a someone your size, and the 5.5 m2 should work in winds up to around 20 knots.
Beyond 20 knots, you need something smaller and a smaller board.
Hope this helps,
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