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Cool Dynamic Clew ??? Surely Dymamic Leech (Or is it Leach?)

Dont like the BS name (the clew is no more dynamic than on any other sail ; is it ?) but it seems to me its simply the next step with twist off sails. In past sails twisted off to perhaps 3rd batten down (and kept drive in luff both above and below that point;(with well designed;rigged ones ). Will this design allow sail to twist off over its entire leech?? NP seem to think it will. They are normally right ?

Have you noticed that even though sails are advertised as having a bigger range year on year we still have to carry 5 of them (at least?!) to cover all winds. No manufacturer is ever going to produce a sail which would seriously reduce this. Why sell a sailor 3 sails when he will buy 5 ????

I`ve been WS 25 (+) years. I think I carry more sails now than I ever did, even though I own all the "gadgets" ??? I can now carry an 11 in 20 knots but frankly dont want to. We will never get away from right sail size for given sailor/weight/skil/conditions/board/comfort.

I suppose just because you can use a 9 metre when you should have a 7 on doesn`t mean you will choose the 9.(and bin the 7) ( I wouldn`t anyway; but I stopped racing years ago !!)

Seems a logical positive step to me.Looking forward to trying one !!

Thinking about it Dynamic Clew is better name too. Who would buy a sail named after a garden slug ???
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