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Default RE: How to effectively pump to plane?

Hi Tom,
Hmmmmm.... I thought I anwered this question already?
Any way, in order to be effective when pumping you have to first ensure that the type of pumping you are doing suits your board and rig.
Doing full body "all that your've got" pumping on a smaller narrow slalom board won't work very well as you don't have the big fin and wide tail that works with this sort of pumping.
Conversely, doing little "flutter pumps" with 9.0 m2 + rig on a wide board is equally inappropriate.
So, let's break pumping down into "categories".
For wide boards and big sails, you want alot of movement aimed at getting your weight off the board so it can "launch" over it's bow wave and get up ot top of the water where the short wide planing surfaces at the back of the board will support your weight once you get the board "porpoising" over the top of the water so the drag created by the front of the board and the rocker transition is no longer a factor.
By pumping vigorously, with your entire body, you can put your weight up on the rig (momentarily) and this may be enough to "launch" your board onto a plane. You can pump maybe 4 or 5 cyles and after that you need a rest. If 5 big pumps doesn't get you planing, doing more of what hasn't worked won't work.
Then you can try "ooching" off the wind, moving your weight slowly and steadily back on your board until it either planes off, or the nose pops up and you start to lose speed.
For mid size and width board (slalom and recreational boards here, <75 cm wide, you need to pump a little less vigorously and work the fin a bit to "shake" your board loose and onto a plane. With modern rockerline free ride and slalom boards you may find that weight positioning is very critical. Try to find the "sweet spot" for your weight and the associated foot position so you board just "slides" onto a plane with a little flutter pumping and a few "jabs" on the fin.
On much smaller and narrower boards, with tiny fins, you can only "flutter pump" really.
Doing anything more "active" seems to simply upset the board and rig so you really do nat gain much if anthing with vigorous pmping.
In all cases, you are trying to get the nose of the board "up" to the correct pitch trim so the board can plane, then use the rig and some flutter pumping to keep it accelerating.
On the wide boards and big rigs, you are basically just unweighting the board so it can "shoot forward" as you pump and maybe achieve a plane (or "semi-plane" at least). Then you can get into both footstraps, and pump the fin hard to continue the acceleration.
Hope this helps,
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