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Roly Gardner
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Hi Roger Hi CC,

Thank you both for your comprehensive replies. This is not exactly what I wanted to hear Roger, you are right! Still, best get the correct advice and move forward rather than bashing my head against a brick wall. I am lucky I suppose that I have the smaller rigs for the smaller board.

I am a little surprised that I would be able to uphaul a 111/122 Carve. I had felt that I would have had to have mastered water starts before going this low ( for me that is, not generally. Almost had a fit when one of you mentioned 95/100 litres!). Thanks to your help earlier in the year I have progressed to deep water beach starts and actually managed a couple of water starts where I had just got out of my depth. I am getting a bit better at being able to manipulate the rig and board in open water which means I am getting in better positions. I think that the "feel" is almost there so fingers crossed for next season.

In relation to the mast foot position Roger, I have tried experimenting a little. I have tended to default to the middle of the track. I have then moved it back a few cms when the wind is low to try to get the board up on the plane more easily. This seems to work, but makes the board a bit "slippery" if you know what I mean? When the wind blows a bit I have pushed the MF forward a few cms to give me a bit more control. This has also helped me when I was having trouble rounding up into wind all the time, but I discovered that this was compensating for another technique fault I had developed so went back to a central position.

I think that I will try to borrow/hire a smaller board for a few sessions next year to see how I get on. I will let you know. As ever thank you for your help.

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