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Default Formula + Isonic combo


for a 95kg experienced sailor is an Isonic 122 + Formula 162 a good combination to cover as much wind as possible? Where I windsurf the wind is between 8-20 knots 95% of the time. The wind just gets over 20knots very few times of the year so I woudn't mind to put some additional effort and sail overpowered on the isonic. Important to add is that formula would be really just to maximize days on the water and for pure lightwind purpose, since over 14-15knots I prefer to be on a smaller board.

Sails would be 11, 9, and 7,8 freerace.

If there are better board combo's for the purpose please suggest. I still have to buy the boards.

Thanks for your comments.
Obs: I can just afford 2 boards, so a 3 board combo is not really an option.
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