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Thanks for the valuable information... that one that Wilhelm got about overdownhauling I wouldn´t figure by myself as I see a lot of people doing it...
This last weekend we´ve had a race in Floripa, it was 18-20k on the NE gusts. Well my upwind leg was actually very good, sometimes better then my only opponent (I reckon our fleet got was all sleeping) wich is much more experienced them me. But then, on the dowwind, I was sailing like a frightened horse. I lost even for a kiteboarder...
Well i played with all your tunning tips, with the outhaul, the boom height, the mast foot. Of course I could not change the fin, but later a figured out with Neves (the only oponent) that I´ve done a basic mistake.
Well, while feeling overpowered on the downwind, I was opening the sail quite a bit, wich of course made me much more overpowered and almost catapulting all the time...
I´m just posting this to try to give you guys some feedback as you tried to help, but I think I need some more time out in the water.. ehheh
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