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a dry suit or semi is ok if you are out of the water but once in the water which you often are then the heat transfer from you to the cold water is greater than that in a wet suit which offers better insulation . Good wet suits are also more flexible but then its all down to personal preference .Fair winds.
I am sorry but that is all wrong. Have you already tried one ?

The Drysuit offer much more protection against cold than a wetsuit. In fact you are totally isolated from the outside (zero water, zero windchill). You are so much isolated that you can easily get too warm, even when the water is +5C and the air +5C or below.

In countrys like canada, danemark, sweden etc ... they only use that.

Your body is not wasting energy to warm up the water layer which is between your skin and the suit like in a wetsuit. This water layer has to be warmed up again and again and again ...

In top of that the Drysuit is much more flexible than the drysuit if you choose the correct size, just try one ...
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