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Originally Posted by Floyd View Post
From someone who managed to set their mountain bike on fire with lighting equipment not sure I will be trying an electrically heated wet suit.(Will it make tea aswell ?)
Batteries ; heating elements; neopreme and salt water dont sound a good mix to me !!
Resultant burns would take some explaining; (like my insurance claim for spontaneous combusting mountain bike).

On a serious note; problem isnt producing the heat (your thighs will produce 5 times more than 2 lithium batteries ever could) problem is keeping the heat in and at right places !
How many times have you sailed with a warm torso (your own that is) but freezing fingers/toes ??
Dont think my chest;shoulders etc are ever cold; its the extremities, which heated suits will not help. (Heated diving suits circulate hot water everywhere)
(Yes I know keeping torso/kidneys warm helps everywhere; but heat loss from that bit of hot suit will be incredble.)
That is the worst comment I have ever read in regar this suit. Please learn first how your body gets warn and then comment .
You blood circulates to all of your body the heating element in the suit attacks the back , Why? because is the closest part to your lungs where all the blood is taken for oxigenation. And if all your blood is warm you arm will be warm all the way to your finger tips. RipCurl tested this suit for 3 year before going to market and not one of the RipCurl surfers ever suffer of any cold fingertips even surfing in the artic circle At -10 Celcius.
The heating element is cover and not in touch with your body, plus all the connections are water proof. RipCurl has made wetsuits for over 40 years and You might think that, if they come up with a suit like this it would be water proof or to the elements. Check the website in detail, so you get to learn technology is help not a handicap.
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