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Hi davide,

Just curious whether you've entertained the thought of having Mike make you a new board? I'm on his list right now for a lightwind board to use with my 8.3. It will replace my old 1998 ML Course Slalom. While it's still in great shape, I thought a new modern design would most likely jibe quite a bit easier and improve my windward sailing potential.
Oh sure, it just boils down to cost ... since this is going to be one of my least used boards I might try to get a 2007-2008 at discount. Your course slalom is probably somewhat close to my ML 75x125/130 (the tail is 56cm 30cm off!); I don't think one can improve much on windward (my ML with a 52 fin is just amazing upwind) although probably you might in respect to a 1998 board. The new big board for me should improve control in very powered up conditions, and that is why I am going a bit smaller (somewhere in the 70 x 115-120 range, but no smaller because it would overlap too uch with my CA 58/98L)

Originally Posted by steveC View Post
Regarding bay area's wind last season, at least based on the regular drift on iWindsurf, I was under the impression that you folks had a lot of strong consistent winds. Quite frankly, I was totally envious, as the summer season down in northern SoCal was very dismal. Actually, the absolute worst in my experience. I'm definitely planning on spending some more time sailing the bay area next summer.
Don't get me wrong, the wind was just great, what was missing were the very big days (the hepic 4.0/3.5 powered up) of which we were blessed last year in September AND October! The kinds of wind where a 65-70L board shines. Actually, to cheer you up, I think September was overall a bit weaker.

Oh ... and in respect to Waiting4Wind comment, boards been sharp or less so: my old Sonic W52 "feels" faster (i.e. out of control) then my Carbon Art 52, but the GPS says otherwise. My top with the Sonic is 32+, while with the Carbon Art I hit almost 39 and I did not even notice. (Both boards with 5.6-6.0, interestingly enough the Sonic actually goes better upwind and jibes easier, but that is the due to its length, I think ... or me not used to the new board yet)

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