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Originally Posted by steveC View Post
Lastly, I'd bury the JP idea. Although I really can't comment on the performance of the JP SS118 you're considering, I bought a JP in 2000 and it was a total dog, so I'm somewhat prejudiced.
Antoine Albeau might disagree with you!

The CA 58/98 is probably very similar to your ML 100 in range, I used with the 7.3 and it works (although it is still a high-medium wind board).

Everybody is suggesting the 111 and I am sure there is a lot of merit to the suggestion. The only hesitation is that this board will serve double duties: powered up 7.3 AND slogging underpowered 7.3 ... and in this last (very sub-optimal) incarnation 108-110L might be too little to be completely comfortable ...

I still have a 2000 Kinetic 108x58x273 which almost makes it as a light air board, but at the end it does not, and that is why I got a ML 125/75. Is it the magic of the new designs that makes volume so much less important?!

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