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Default NP/Gaastra vs. Naish

hi everybody,
which sail would you recomend for me? I am 85 kg, 1,81 mts and 45 years old (intermediate sailor).
I own a Gaastra GTX 9.8 (05) and a NP Saber 7,2 (06). I sail from 10 knots on in flatwater (if very windy, some waves and high choppy).
As bankers ruined me, I made the decision to spend my last bucks in myself and revamp my quiver. I found reasonble prices for two sails and need some advise. The idea would be to change the Saber 7.2 (06) for a Naish Boxer SL 7.0 (08) (I use this sail with a carve 111) and the GTX 9.8 (05) for a Naish Red Line 9.0 (08) (to use it with a F 148, perhaps an Isonic 133!!). What do you think? Any thoughts, experiences you might share?
Thank you
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