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I have just received my Starboard Raceboard sail. I have rigged it on my RSX 520 mast and I can't get it to rotate without pushing the lower batten around. I am afraid that I have already craked that batten after only a couple of uses.

It rotates nicely once it gets started so I don't feel that it is a mast diameter problem or friction on the cams. I think it is just the deep draft of the sail. The RSX mast has an IMCS of 32 which is as recomended on the sail. I had the maximum downhaul with the mast length set at the recomended 540cm and maximum outhall but still needed to push it around.

It is certainly light and comfortable to sail and keeps its stability as the wind increases. My only complaint so far is the rotation and would appreciate any comments or tuning suggestions.
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