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Roger Id rigged two sails 6.2 and a 7.8 but just wanted to check out the conditions as there were so many different sail sizes being used 5.4 up to 9 meters. I stuck the 7,8 on my 160 (yes its 100 cm wide) to check out the conditions and was well powered up but with the hook at what you might call normal waist height. The extra control was a revelation I was going faster than before. I normally run the Dakine XT seat harness as low as possible by adjusting the straps. Boom height, about chin high on the WS80 and eyebrow height on the 160 formula board. Checking on-line video I notice the hook height is about waist high on formula boards so maybe the coaching tip Id had when beginning to windsurf was wrong? Yet another variable that has a big change in control and speed?
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