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Default Sail size and no wind speed?

Hey all and Roger.

Then you new to the sport and try to figure out that sail to rig. I find it difficult then I reading on different forums everybody refer to sail sizes. Like,
- It was a prefect 5.4 day...
But what is a prefect 5.4 day in knots?

I know it depend on you weight and board and so. But why cant sailors say that it was 30knots and a perfect 5.4 day on my evo 100L and my 80kg or something like that.
Guess that you learn that by time and get some more experience. But maybe mods and writers here on Starboard forum can be more aware that its a lot of newbies that read here to and they suck up all the info they can get their eyes on.

ps. Thanks for the best windsurfing forum on the net. Learned a lot here and you always find the answers to your questions here.
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