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Default RE: How to know when you are overpowered?

Where are you running your mast foot?
There could be some mast foot tuning that can help your board to go faster and ride more smoothly.
I had my mastfoot in a forward position, the outer diameter of the mast foot was just touching the vent screw. I have done this on this sail after I started to get into the footstraps. Because when plaining in less wind, the nose got to high and the board stalled, and I wasn't able to plane. But I guess if this is what it is sopposed to feel like when you are fully powered up, I could try to move the mastfoot slightly backwards to get less wet surface.

But sometimes I get a bit frightened when the gust hit the rig and I go real fast, because I am afraid of loosing control. But I think that more TOW will give me more confidence, to just use my weight and hang in there. It is fun to go very fast as well as a bit scarey
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