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Hi all.
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And nobody has said they are most fun in those conditions.
This is highly different between sailors:
for some of us (me included) it is a LOT of fun, even in those conditions.
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Come on sailing Formula in over 20 knots is like going to a brewery and not drinking. Get a wave / allround freeride anything but Formula for high winds.
For this one Carlos has exactly the point:
Originally Posted by carlosgp5 View Post
Ive got one answer also. While some people like to jump, other to surf, other to not be planning... Well I like to sail, as far in the ocean as possible. If you like that and can follow me with any other vessel than not a formula gear, I dare you to try. It would be a lot of fun.
Simply put - if you would like most % of planing time in variable wind conditions then NO other windsurfer beats a Formula.

For this reason when the forecast is iffy you will find me choosing Formula over wave/allround/freeride/freestyle anyday simply because to me planing is WAAAAAY MORE FUN than slogging.

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