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Originally Posted by SeanAUS120 View Post
@ Aco - there is no faster sailing boat around a W/L course than an FW board. I've seen top FW sailors beat an 18ft skiff around a course (albeit it was VERY close) and there isn't much faster boats than an 18ft'er in a breeze.
To me 18ft Skiffs look like tough cookies:
maybe we beat them in a breeze, but as soon as the wind drops below approx. 12 kts it is probably game over (not to mention if it falls below the planing threshold...).

The Skiffs are waay more "allround" than Formulas:
they are highly competitive in all conditions, hich is why I have a high respect for them.

Apart form the skiffs, the other "problem" I could imagine are large (30m) multihulls (Cats/Trimarans):
I am not sure we would be able to beat them in ANY windspeed...

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