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Nbody is decrying course speeds/ability in variable winds /VMG etc etc of Formula.Obviously they are fastest course racing board (overall) .

The original poster asked about sailing Formula in HIGH WINDS. If high winds existed all the time Formula Boards (as we know them) wouldn`t exist.Dont think you`ll even find a Formula board on Feurteventura !! Nobody even goes on water under 13 knots . Thats just how it is.I`m not saying good or bad its just fact.

In 20 knots + Formula are probably not the fastest boards out there ! (yes its debatable ) and they are definitely NOT the most fun in 20 knots +.(If they are why are 99% of sailors sailing freeride/wave etc etc when it does blow !!!)
Having fastest VMG on a board is completely missing point.Its like saying best surfer is fastest. Yes its nice to race but look at numbers involved with racing. It represents a tiny proportion of WS.
My advice to anyone
If you have 20knots + dont use your Formula. Go and enjoy yourself. Jump /gybe /play/Wave ride /forget racing. Life`s too short.!
(Sort of like 99% of sailors)
(Besides I`m too old to carry a Formula down beech)
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