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Default RE: Evo for bump n' jump

PG reiterates an interesting argument thinking about a flatter rockerline in boards like the Kombat and the Exocet Exo Wave, as Ola H. so aptly pointed out much earlier in his comments above. I suggested consideration of the PA line earlier, because I'm one of those folks that use and prefer a straighter and faster tail rocker. After being a surfer for over 23 years before discovering windsurfing, I can easily make a flatter rocker work for me, except in the most radical off the lip maneuvers where all that extra wavey rocker stands out. In reality, a reasonably loose rocker that has some speed and projection better suits my goals.

I remember in my first trip to Maui in 1991, I rented a custom Naish waveboard that was so rockered that it wasn't very much fun out and about. I couldn't return it quick enough and get something else. The epoxy 8'6" Copello Redline board a exchanged it for was much more satisfying.

No doubt, the choices really say much about your real focus and what's fun in your mind. No hard criticisms either way.

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