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Originally Posted by Ken View Post
For me, 20 knots is perfect for:

bump an jump on a 105L board and a 5.7
slalom on an iS111 and a 6.5
formula on a F160 and an 8.5 or 9.2

All are fun & exciting and I do all three in 20 knots, it just depends on how I feel that day.

Chasing keel boats and cats on a formula board, and sailing circles around them upwind and downwind is a kick. You can't do that on a slalom or bump and jump board.
Well said - all of it.
I agree with everything, especially with the last sentence:

Originally Posted by Ken View Post
I do what I enjoy, regardless of what others think should or shouldn't be done.
I would only add that while in 20 kts all you mentioned is fun, in 10 kts only one is - and we all know which one

This is the main reason I use Formula in variable conditions and smaller board only in stable winds - except during the winter (i.e. right now ) when I use Formula all the way to keep dry

Fair Winds,

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