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Hi Roger, Thanks for the comments. Can always count on you.

I don't have a shorter extension at the moment.

This sail has only five battens so the first one is fairly high. It is about 90cm up the sail. With my extension, I have a 12 cm minimum mast penetration so I have 34cm of extension inside the mast. The first camber is about 36cm from the top of the extension.

I found the comments below on a previous thread about mast rotation. I have sent Jesper Orth a private message as well to confirm his view on it. Do you think the same remedy would apply in this case? Also will it cause any harm to use the sail without the camber inducer in place?

"7th September 2006, 03:13 PM #2
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....... Take the camber out of the sail. Cut with a hacksaw 3-4 mm of the camber end that is pressing against the camber tongue/ and panel inside the luff sleeve. ....

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