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Default RE: Evo for bump n' jump

In not dissimilar conditions but on fresh water, I must say I was encouraged by Jim Karabasz of Extreme Windsurfing to go with a Kombat rather than an Evo and I am VERY happy with the Kombat (I suspect I'd also be happy with an Evo). The Kombat is a very nice all around; I'm just a neophyte in maximizing waves, but the Kombat is very easy, very turny, and an OK jumper.

I always seem to pick one size larger than Ola. I would recommend the K8x size; you'll be challenged to say the least in pure 4.0 conditions, maybe even blown off the water. But given that 1) your next step up is to 145, and 2) 5.7 wind is MUCH more likely than 4.0 wind, I think you'll ride an 87L board a heck of a lot more often than you'll get to ride a 79L board. How much does it work out to be in "dollars per ride"?
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