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Red face Use too much extension but dont DH too much !

Hi everyone and happy new year.
I`ve haven`t used or rigged mentioned sail/mast combo but had exacly same problem with a Gaastra GTX. (And a Tushingham T.Bird)
Did find (especially with Gaastra) that by setting extension about 2 cm longer than usual and NOT downhauling any harder bottom batten rotated far easier. Think its to do with the angles downhaul rope makes with respect to mast.
Using exactly correct length and fully down haulling (Sp?) pulls cringle in towards mast. If ext. is a bit longer cringle can be a little away from mast but still be correctly down hauled.
I know overall length of rig is longer but find with both rigs mentioned its worth it. (I also leave bottom batten very slack ; prompting folk on beach " your bottom batten is too slack !!!) (Which it is but entire sail rotates easier)
Good Luck
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