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Default RE: Foot Strap Positioning

I've got a question on footstrap placing.

I have a new ... okay now outdated F-type 148 which I am using a 10m NP RS-S sail. I noticed that even with the stock 56 fin, the board occasionally rails up, so to get more control I end up moving my feet onto the rail. The problem is now they are out of the straps somewhat and I soon will have a 63cm fin for added light wind power.

Now I know the F-type is a fun board, but it would be nicer with strap options out a bit further. Anyway have you any advice on how to get a bit further out, without inserting plugs? I was thinking of making stainless steel plates which would bolt to the existing plugs.

Anyway besides that, I really like the new board range! It's funny for me as the F-type was my first Starboard. I used to not like them so much as they always seemed a bit to radical, but over the last few years I've begun to like the designs and thinking!

The new Serenity is wild, just wish you could dedicate some more pictures of your products as this is a potential board for me! Also I liked you product pages when you could see images of all the boards in various sizes. I hope you will bring this back!

On a final note, I was happy to see that you kept the nice red Pure Acid colouring. I have been planning to go for the 73 on Ola's feedback. But now with the new 74 I'm not sure what to go for. Part of me likes the old design more (small difference I know) and I think I could perhaps find one at discount now?

So between the two boards what could I expect?



p.s. Website is getting there! B)
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