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Originally Posted by Floyd View Post
Good thread on Open Forum. Thought it might be interesting to pose question that has developed.

Assuming a windseed of 20 knots which kit would have better VMG (upwind)

Formula or Slalom ??

Any thoughts ???

(Assuming equal/profficient sailor ability)
Well .. better for what purpose? Racing? Is it even allowed by the rules to use a slalom in a Formula race? (the other way around is not)

But anyway, 20 real knots is a LOT of wind. I am 72Kg and around 20 knots I am on my Carbon Art 52W, 6.5 to 5.6, very well powered up and happy. In those conditions I occasionally drag race Formulas at Crissy and the CA seems to be faster downwind (broad reach), while upwind the angle is just a complete different story.

Is the CA actually 'faster" even downwind? Usually I am "only' doing 28-34 Knots of speed, but a capable rider can probably push the CA in the low 40s in the same conditions (my top is 38+). Can a Formula go up there? ... don't know, but the skill that it would require is at least an order of magnitude higher!

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