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Hi prpa,
OK, here's your 2 selections:
1/ 1st SET = Futura133+Simmer 3XC 9,0m2 sail
'09 Futura 133= 133 ltrs; 247.5 cm long; 77.0 cm wide; 49.2 cm OFO 7.70 Kg Wood;
8.10Kg Technora 6.0-9.5 sail range; Drake R13 Race SL 480 Fin 40-50 Fin Range Tuttle fin box.
2/ 2nd SET = iSonic150+Simmer 3XC 9,0m2 sail
'09 iSonic 150= 150 ltrs; 228 cm long 93.5 cm wide; 65.1 cm OFO 8.50 Kg WOOD; 7.5-11.5; sail range; Drake Slalom R13 Race NR 560 fin; 52-62 fin range; Deep Tuttle fin box.
OK, the iSonic 150 is 93.5 cm wide and the Futura 133 is 77 cm wide= 16.5 cm wider for the iSonic.
Let's also look at the "one foot off" (OFO) width....iSonic 150 is 65.1 cm.. Futura 133 is
49.2 cm wide OFO= 15.9 cm
That much difference in width could easily make the difference between planing at 12 knots windspeed vs 14 knots windspeed, even for a 95 Kg. (209.4 lbs.) sailor.
As to whether or not a 9.0 m2 slightly detuned race sail will get you going in 12 knots, I don't have that answer. It seems for this wind range for a sailor your size, perhaps the
'07 Simmer 2XC might have been a better choice for early planing.
I would expect you to go a bit larger on the sail size if you want to get the earliest planing from either one of these boards.
To get a big fellow going really early (like 12 knots windspeed) it takes both board width and sail size (especially a sail with top notch low end power.
At your size, I do not think there is any way you could get the Futura 133 going in 12 knots, but there's a strong chance (with good technique and some pumping) that you could get the iSonic 150 planing.
Hope this helps,
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