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Hi Roger
thanks a lot for your post know I have some idea that I will get something with buying iSonic150, but as I expected for real "progress" I will have to buy/exchange my Simmer 3XC 9,0 with bigger sail.

Few moth ago you suggested me sail ~10,0m2, is this still your recomendation for this iSonic150?

Also this sail as you mention should have good bottom end power, SO PLEASE SUGGEST ME SAIL from one of the next manufactures:
-Neil Pride
Because this brends I can buy localy.

I am still "new" in the this sport (~4 years), but realy I get realy involved this year and now I will have posibility to spend more days on the sea, so I will have Futura133 with my 6,0 and 7,5 sail for "normal" use and ISonic150 + 10,0 for light wind days.

Do you think this is good combination of sails/boards?

Thanks again and recive All the best wishes in New year for You and all SB team!
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