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Hi prpa,
OK, I checked the websites for the brands you have on your short list, and here's
what I find.
Neil Pryde....look at the V8 10.0m2.
Gaastra... look at the GTX 10.0... I have reservations as this is listed as a race sail, and
that's not what you really need.
You need good low end power, and race sails are more noted for having great top end stability and the ability to be sailed waaay overpowered.
Free race sails with lots of draft are more likely what you want/need.
Point 7... look at the AC-2 10.0.
If you are able to get Starboards, can you not also get Severne Sails?
The Severne Overdrive 10.0 m2 would be a good choice as well.
Where are you located that you are limited to only the 3 brands?
Hope this helps,
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