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Hi All.
Originally Posted by gre-969 View Post
I do both Formula and Slalom, it's impossible with a slalom kit to beat the Formula in sailling up wind,
Originally Posted by Ken View Post
Of course the formula board. While the iSonic will do well, it won't keep up with the formula. The 70 cm fin and 100 cm wide board makes the difference.
Choppy or flat water won't change the results.
I agree 100%.

Originally Posted by Ken View Post
If the iSonic was faster on a formula course, the top sailors would be racing them.
Excellent point!
I haven't thought about it, but Formula rules probably don't outrule isonics?

If this was the case and if ANY isonic would be faster than Formula in WW/LW races in ANY conditions, then sooner or later someone would come up with it and win a pro race?

Does anybody know of such a case in the recent history of Formula?
If not then I believe this is enough to close the argument.

Originally Posted by davide View Post
Is it even allowed by the rules to use a slalom in a Formula race? (the other way around is not)
This is also an excellent point that suggests that in some conditions (low wind, wind shifts etc.) Formula would probably be faster than Slalom on a SLALOM COURSE (if not, why the restriction?).

The other way around it seems not to be the case (at leas according to the rules).

A fellow sailor has told me his experience about this:
he went to a local Slalom race with a Formula kit with 10m sail in cca 15-30 kts gusty conditions. Even in the relatively windy conditions he came out 6th of approx. 15-20 sailors (!). In the end they disqualified him for using a Formula board.

On the other hand I would be very interested to hear experiences with the other way around - has anybody ever tried/seen a Slalom board doing a Formula race?

Ken has already shared his eperience and it was in line with my expectations i.e.
"Slalom gets ass kicked all the way..."

With Best Wishes,

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