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Hi Roger, thanks for replying so fast.

I have measured the depth of the back inserts' holes, they are 25 mm deep.
Add to that the pads which are around 7 mm thick, and that comes to 32 mm, the exact length of my 2009 screws. But the pads compress when you install the straps.

The board didn't have the oval toothed washers, only the anti-twist plugs (which are supposed to replace the old oval washers I guess) and normal (thin) circular washers inside the straps, one per screw.
The thickness of one strap plus the washer is "roughly" around 13 mm (hard to measure exactly), meaning I should be fine as long as the pad compression when the strap is fully fixed on the board doesn't exceed those 13mm, but I doubt it...
what do you recon ?

Has anyone here installed the straps on his 2009 waveboard without the anti-twist plugs ? And if yes is it alright ?
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