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IN general, further back means more effective pressure on the fin which measn faster speeds but possibly less control. When it comes to turning, further back menas sharper tunring but again, less control. But in practice its often not that simply and more a case of finding a trim of the whole board that works for you. Since the EVOs can sometimes be a bit sensitive to too much pressure on the fin, some people may find a forward mount gives then better control of fin loading. The same goes for turning. Its hard to say exactly what you will feel is wrong when your in a non ideal position, but when you get it right you will just feel like hte board get mode balanced in the turn. All these trim issues has to do a lot with your own stance and technieqe as well as the sails you are using and such things. Therefor the only really good way to know is to experiment. On a good day, just go in and more the straps and then go out and see how it feels. Sail the board like that for a while (to get settled) and then move back and see how that feels.

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