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I was thinking about the same a few weeks ago, posted on this forum & my website too.

I would like to add 2 things:

-From my interpretation (starboard quote) the Leading Edge is not an edge but the point/line on the bottom were the board hits the water. Trailing edge is an edge, the rails behind the leading edge. Correct me if I am wrong.

-I think lenght of the rails doesn't really matter, I think starboard does explains the outline and width vs drag. De double wingers are placed on 2 crucial points. The winger in front is the place were water does release when I am normal sailing, crosswind. In extreme chop/waves /windlulls/start planning I use the part in front of the wingers. The backwinger is placed really close to the maximum release point, in very light wind I use this release point. And for speedsurfing I also try to release the board somewere in the back.

With wingers the range of a board could be bigger (Sadly I haven't tried/tested it). Because the effect of changing your release point becomes bigger/ or more sudenly?. I guess the difference would be for advanced surfers: "Like changing gears manual in a car, and not a automatic gearbox."

Still I question one thing, is the waterpressure bigger per cm2 at the front footstraps, or at the back footstraps. From statical enginering I would say the back, but if I understand starboard's quote it should be the front????? Am I wrong, or is my english not good enough ?
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