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Brian S
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I'd agree with waiting4wind on this one. Put the nose protector (dry) on the board exactly where you want it. Use masking tape to mask the outline of the nose protector on the board. remove the nose protector and apply contact cement to the nose protector and the board. Allow to dry according to instructions. Then, using the masking tape to guide you, press the nose guard into place. You can't move it once it touches, but it's not hard to align with the masking tape in place. Once it's all down, give it a good press everywhere. I've done it a couple times and never had a problem.

the contact cement is permanent, but can be removed with solvent if you have to. (it's actually easier to remove than the silicone) If you ever do remove it, test your solvent on an inconspicuous place on the board. I don't know where you're located but there's a 3M automotive sticker/glue remover which is safe for the boards. Check your contact cement, but mineral spirits might also work pretty safely.

good luck
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