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Default Whos faster on 15knots?

Hi all,
This next sunday we are having the II Fast-val , sort of speed contest.
32 competitors with heats of 4 each time, 500m only one leg on beam reach.
The forecast is about 15k, a bit stronger of what windguru says Its a lake, some chop, but it is flat water.
Any gear is allowed, and probably about 10-12 are gonna be formula guys who dont have slalom to chose. Some are good sailors, and there are very good slalom guys who dont have formula either...
Other thing is Fevesc (Santa Catarina Sailing Federation) and a TV channel are prizing the first ones with some cash... The first one is getting BR$1500!!!!
What are your bets, if we had hypothetically two sailors with same skill and competitive gear, formula against slalom, with that forescast on flat water ??
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