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Default RE: Starboard Gemini availablility

Hi Joe,
I can't answer your question as I haven't sailed the Gemini in single rider mode yet.
Having too much fun sailing it in tandem mode.
I think for really heavy sailors, it would be earlier planing, than almost any other board since it has the volume and width to handle the weight of 2 regular sized sailors.
So, if you weigh 300 lbs. (136 kilos) the Gemini could be just the board for you for light wind conditions.
I do not have a Hybrid Formula to test the Gemini against, but I will try to do some testing against the Phantom.
I do not think it's going to "glide" better than the Phantom or the Serenity, so in sub planing conditions, with a single rig, I think the width is going to keep it a little slower than boards that "glide" better.
With 2 sailors (around 175 lb. each) and a 7.5 Retro on the front and a
9.0 m2 on the back, the Gemini is at least as fast as large 150 liter shortboards, and faster than most of them in < 8 knots of wind.
Hope this helps.
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