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Default RE: How to effectively pump to plane?

Ok as the "He" in question in o2bnme's post. Let me ask a couple of questions to both of you.

I haven't figured out how o2bnme pumps up in such low conditions, I can pump and get up in almost adequate condition, but in nowhere near the wind he can.

I have no idea how you are getting the board to porpoise. How can you get that much weight off the board? Are you literally jumping up and down? How does this up and down push against the fin?

For that matter how do I push against the fin without the board turning up wind?

On the superwide F-type 158, where are me feet. My front foot is in or beside the footstrap right? Well then, where is my rear foot, between the rear footstraps? If I'm going to push against the fin it needs to be on the edge. But then how do I maintain trim, even if I do get up onto a plain I need the board to be level or to leeward because with all my wieght on the windward edge it wants to lean to windward and thus carve upwind and off the plain as so a it gets onto a plain.

What is the offical spelling of plain and plaining anyway ,like the wood working tool? Like a aircraft?

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