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Default sailrange futura 101

the sailrange SB gives for the futura 101 is from 4.5 - 7.5. I've managed to sail 7.8 on it, no problem. RS4 7.2 is spot on I would say, like it overpowered on the F101. RS4 6.2 gets a bit small for the 101 when the water gets rough... but it could be me who is the limiting factor. Or is it in the fact I use full on race sails? (RS4) .
my weight is about 90 kgs. Maybe I schould step on smaller boards by the time 6.2 is full powered. Of course I do use different fins, sizes down to 30/32 cm for the 6.2; 34/36 for the 7.2
(extra info: For my isonic 125 I do find 7.8 is ok, 7.2 gets to small for me in order to sail relaxed )

Can anybody tell something about the given sailrange for the futura 101/ his or her thoughts about my experiences, would be great! I am getting to think I like my boards small... although, smaller than I used to.
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