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Default Kode 80 back footstrap

Hi, I just got my Kode 80 wood carbon, look great. While putting the footstraps, I wanted to put the back strap in the last position, closest to the tail. I found that when you put the anti-twist system, it lays on top of the board and not on the pad because the last holes for the screws are situated on the edge of the pad, just where it ends. As a result, the anti-twist lays half on the pad and half on the board. I am thinking this will eventually scratch the board. Is there any solution to this or will it not scratch the board, have any of you guys tried it already? For the moment, I have used the middle position for the back strap but I would like to use the last position. Thanks.

BTW the board looks awsome!! haven't tried it yet though, no wind
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