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I haven't heard anything from the office, but I think something is obviously not right here. So, one option for you is to take it back to the shop and let them have a look. It seems the pad is slightly different in shape to mine. Maybe it could be the pad from another boards or something. If so, one option could be a replacement pad. But I can not assess this here, it has to go through the dealer. As always the most important thing is to have sailable board though so in the mean time you can always for Dans solutions, ie basically only add some kind of (big enough) rubber washer (in the thickness of the pad) under the footstrap. Technically, you don't need to even glue it since it will be held in place by the footrap itself and the screw passing through it.

One word of cautions though. Before screwing the strap into the board, be sure there is a maximal amount of free screw length below your home made washer (ie screw/push the screw through the strap/waser as far as possible). This is to make sure the screw can start to grip in the plug before the strap and washer starts to "resist".
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