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Default RE: Lessacher Duo 40 for F-Type 148 - Sail Sizes?


I was able to get the TA SWW 44 to "seat" properly today, with no gap, by tightening the front screw all the way first, and then tightening the back screw just enough so it is snug. If I tighten the back screw so it is torqued down like you normally tighten a fin bolt, the gap appears again. But I just tighten it to be snug and it works fine.

I may still try the Lessacher fin, my 44 occasionally spins out, even with an 8.5 (haven't spun out the 51 yet).

Thanks for the offer to try your demo fin, I will be down in Hatteras in late June again, if you are around I will hook up with you for lessons for me, the wife and/or kids.

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