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Originally Posted by Waiting4wind View Post
If you're75kg you'll have absolutely no problem slogging the IS111, I don't have any challenge with my 7.8m and I'm near 90kg. Slogging my heavy old 9m, the board is a bit wobbly and you need to be careful not to bury the nose, but still I wouldn't say it's a problem. The width and volume distribution of the new boards makes them a lot more slog friendly.
Well ... here it is in my garage a brand new Isonic 111 2008, it looks quite beautiful and it seems just the right size for my purpose. As expected it is quite smaller then my ML 75, which is good since the ML was quite a handful and I can actually keep it for those very very very light days (or as a swimming platform): time to take out some epoxy/fiber/paint and restore it.

Thank you everybody for the suggestions, I now need some wind to put such a great quiver in action ... probably late February it will start ...

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