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Default RE: Sail quiver: One or more manufacturers?

Ola and particular Geoff,

Thank you for broadening the discussion from the mast issue, where it is quite clear that the mast must firt the sail, to other aspects.

My take from the discussion so far and some of my own thougths is that it is useful to have the same sail model for a similar use, i.e. wave, crossover, (free)race in different sizes as it fits. Main reason is that there is (hardly any) bad sail around nowadays and one may look for different characteristics for the different ranges, which might be best matched by different manufactures. Charactereistics may change when a designer moves such as Dan Kassler from Naish to Gaastra. And last but not least quality and features of different manufactures play a role, depending on the range, wave (heavy duty) vs. Freeride or Freerace.

Therefore I plan now to buy my sails from different manufacturers.

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