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Originally Posted by Waiting4wind View Post
I need to touch up the white colour on the 2009 Isonic. In the colour guide on the SB site it says that the White is not listed??? Is there a paint code for the the white please, anyone help please.
Where is the scratch? If it is on the rails you might take the occasion to repaint the rail (or enough of it to make it look like it is a "motive", i.e. an intentional pattern variation in color). Same thing for the deck.

It is actually quite easy: lightly sand with 200 grit, mask the rail and the transition to the non-skid with good masking tape (the 3M "Green" 233 works well), paint with a good polyurethane (Pettit Easyposy works great, or System three, don't go cheap on the paint). Done (no sanding after painting). You can use a cheap disposable foam brush, no need of an expensive brush or roller). ... If the scratch is on the bottom things are a bit more involved because you might need to paint a whole area, might want to use a combination roller+brush, and need to sand with 600 grit after you paint (wait 24-36h)

It can be fun and it can be creative. You can add fillets, or change color on purpose to "customize" your board.

On my CAs I went for the "see through carbon look": sanded the rails, painted with a very thin "see through" white paint layer, painted again with clear polyurethane for extra protection.

If you leave in area with rocks on the beach (I so, sigh...) it might be a good idea to add an extra layer of clear polyurethane to the rails of your board and all the areas not covered with non-skid (not on the bottom!).

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