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Default search for an all wave board

Hello Kevin,

First, congratulations for all you did in windsurf, and i wish you all the best for the next year(s)!
Here is my "problem": I'm a light weight sailor (68 kgs, sorry, I'm french, I don't know how many pounds), and I'm looking for a great wave board that could be fun when it's flat. The sails I'll use on it are 5.2 and 4.5. When the wind is not enough for 5.2, I use a 6 (remedy, great sail) with a JP 105l.

In my shop, they told me to choose the evil twin 80...In my mind, the Kode 80 would be better. For the moment, I use a tiga wave 78l, and I find it a little bit too small and not enough speed...
May I have your (pro) help, please?

Thanks for your reply, Johann
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