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Mike T
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I just got a 05 wood hypersonic that was lightly used and it is in great shape. As far as I can tell from this board it's very stiff and light weight, it is no more fragile than my other boards. The thing to remember is that all boards are fragile out of the water and in IE Catapults and mast slams! The thing I see the most is how sailors treat their gear getting to the water and back on the car when the day is done. If you use a padded board bag and be a little carfull with the board they will hold up well. If your a hard charger and stomp around your board alot maybe a more robust construction would be best, or if your a fineesse type sailor that is comfortable on a board and doesn't stomp around alot then the wood is probably fine. It's just how well do these sailors, (that say the wood boards are very very fragile) sail, do they use Mast pads, Boom pads, watch the harness hook when climbing back on their boards after a bad jibe, how do they handle their boards when they carry them with the sail down to the water. Do they let the nose slam into the ground. I watched one guy here try someone's brand new wood board and just throw it to the ground from waist high with the sail attached! So if your kind to your gear it will last a long time and it will reward you with many days of fun! Wood boards may not be for everyone but if your up too it, they are alot of fun on the water very light under your feet! One other tip Saltwater+ wetboard+ wetpadded B-bag is not a good combo ( gel coat blisters on a boat that stays hot+wet) Rinse the board and let everything dry and then put board back into the bag I think it helps the paint on the bottom and the finish on the wood! Starboard manufactures some great boards! Good Luck in you quest for a new ride. Mike
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