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Last year, I've bought myself a second hand wooden formula 161 of 2007.
The board was well taken care of, and thus in excellent shape.
After 1 year of sailing, I must say that I like it very much.
Amazing how fast it is planing, whith almost no wind. 6-7 knots, 10m2 sail and off I go. My windsurfing hours are easily doubled.
BUT, I also admit a repair of a little hole in the deck. Really don't know how it came there, but it must have been during a mast/boom crash.
In the mean time I've also seen other people sailing wooden formula boards with quite a few "white repair bumps". So I'm not the only one.
Now I really take care, because indeed to my opinion the wooden board is more fragile then other boards. I certainly do not advise the board for beginning windsurfers who still crash a lot. Nevertheless, the board sails fantastic and it's still worth it !
No pain, no gain.
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