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great guys, thank you very much, i would have loved to hear what the team has to say about the matter, but anyways..... i think ill go for the board, and as for what you said mike, im one of those sailors that places their boards upsidedonw to not hurt the fin and on the board bag when there is no sail on them, and then dries them for a day or two before retuning them into their bags. i take very good care of my gear bcause unlike some (like the guy throwing the new board from waist high sail atached) i cant realy afford to replace all my gear every year for used or new equipment.. i still blow by allot of guys on their shiny new kits on my 1992 f2 sputnik and a 9 year old sail, and have more fun then most of them 2. so no complaints in that department so far. i think i will invest in a boom pad to protect the board a lil more, and since my sails all have hast pads built in on them, i should be okay in that department anyways, if anybody has a few more comments to add onto the performance of these boards, id love to hear more...
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