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OK, you want an easy sail to waterstart: pick either a no cam sail or a cambered sail but with narrow luff in order to minimize water entry. The wideluff top of the line racing sails la Code Red are a real pain if you don't like swimming a lot, so better avoid them. I can waterstart the 11m2 Code Red fairly easily, providing the luff never touches and fills up with water. Once water is inside the wideluff, just forget it : time for uphaul.

Now, could you please be more specific about your board quiver and what do you want to do with them, because it's a bit confusing and unclear to me. Basically, you'll have to decide which sail for which board you want to use. Some sails are a good match, other are not : an Overdrive on the Aero is a mismatch IMHO.

Lastly, could you please elaborate a bit more on why do you think waterstarting the Element 8.5 sail is so difficult for you? What's wrong? Sail itself, lack of skills, or wheather conditions?

Cheers !


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