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Hi JM...
so from the very beginnig.

I am gonna use the sail with S-Type 115 or 137. I actually thing about buying 7.5 and 6.5 to fit better the wind condition.

I do not want a no-cam sail because I miss the constant pull of a camber sail, I feel myself better with a proper sized camber sail than on a proper size nocam sail (from a certain size above of course...7sqm). I want the sail for speed oriented freeride in gusty wind, or overpowered.

I never said I will be using Aero with Overdrive.

Waterstarting 8.5...I when it not full of water it is easy. I mention the one succesful waterstart, with sail that was fully in the water, and 3meter waves. The problem with waterstarting is when the sails is full of water, when it is not it is generally no problem.

I guess this is enough.

I am thing of selling the NCX and complete my cambered sails set like this:

Overdrive 6.5, Overdrive 7.5 (on ST 115) and Element 8.5 (ST 137).

Hope I answered everything
Ciao Michal.
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