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Default sonic 85/95 or isonic 87

I'm planning to buy a board to complete my quiver. Quiver is F155, isonic 125, Futura 101. The board to buy is being used for highwind and GPS surfing. My specs: 1.90m, 90kgs. I will use the board with RS4 6.2 and RS4 5.4. Choppy conditions - of course, in high winds...

My local shop gives me some affordable options: sonic 85/ 95.
But I could also go for the isonic 87. I have searched the forum, but couldn't find anything about a comparison between these two shapes. Seems to me, the isonic 87 is newer, maybe better than the sonic 85, but the sonic 85 is cheaper and I don't think I will use the board very often because of the moderate climate conditions in the Netherlands.

Can you tell me anything about the sonic 85/ 95 character compared to the isonic 87? I know they are fast, controllable.
Is the sonic 95 an option, or to close to the futura 101?

tnx in advance
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